The jury from the cup of excellence 2004 describes our coffee as:

Cupping notes: spicy, open acidity, floral, clean, milk chocolate, ripe cherry, refined acidity. Pleasant”

The level of roasting and the type of process before the roasting enhance some of those characteristics in different ways,

Water Processed

The roast in this process has a bolder taste. In the lighter Roast (Full City & Vienna) you can taste the whole range of the subtle flavors that the coffee has. In the darker roasts (Italian & French), the main element of the coffee comes to the forefront but the roast masks the other subtle flavors. Also, the darker the roast, the more the acidity increases; but this acidity MUST NOT be confused with the astringent bitter aftertaste that characterizes most of the commercial blends that contain good number of lower quality beans and non-arabica beans (Robusta coffee aka Coffea canephora).

Sun-dried Process or Super Sun-dried

The roast of this coffee exhibits a level of smoothness that you will not find in any commercial coffee. This is directly related to how we process the coffee before the roasting. The amount of coffee available varies because the sun-dried cannot be stored during the rainy season. For this process there are two levels of roasting.